Lendi makes it easy to share.

Loan out your gear

List your gear in the neighborhood for others to enjoy and earn access to their gear, too.

Borrow gear from others

Try something new while you’re making it easy for someone else to borrow your gear.

Tell others all about it.

After each transaction,review the item you borrowed and the experience you had.

Access to the gear you’d normally only experience at shows.

Borrow the Latest Gear.

We’re partnering with top manufacturers to make sure our catalog is filled with their most loved headphones, DACs, DAPs, and amps.

  • Live News Feed

    Lendi shows you the latest news and the latest stuff.

  • Browse the Catalog

    Once you find something you like, borrowing it is a breeze.

  • Chat with Friends

    Lendi has a messaging system that’s at least 500 kinds of rad.

  • Know Who to Trust

    Lendi makes it easy to figure out who’s on the up and up.

  • Quickly Track your Gear

    Lendi lets you know where your gear is at all times.

  • Earn Incentives

    Lendi rewards you for being active in the community.

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